Why brick is better.

Protection & Durability

That third little pig was really onto something. You just can't beat the protection offered by a brick home. It's one of the safest materials you can choose to protect your family at home. Brick offers superior fire, wind and moisture protection.


You won't find another product that delivers such long-lasting value as genuine clay brick. The up-front investment in brick enhances your home’s value, decreases insurance rates, and has zero maintenance costs..


With endless choices in color, texture and size, brick offers versatility and timeless elegance. Due to it's exceptional durability, beautiful brick structures from the Colonial days are still standing strong and proud.


Unlike fake materials that are engineered and altered to look like something they're not, brick is made from some of Earth’s most abundant and natural materials. Brick is also 100% recyclable as it can be either salvaged, crushed brick for sub-base materials or chipped brick for permanent landscaping mulch.*

Brick is one of the few materials that building codes allow to be reused in a building application when it meets the ASTM standard for clay brick. Consequently, salvaged bricks are in high demand and represent a vibrant market. It is easy to see why brick makes such a compelling case for sustainability.*

* Source: Brick Industry Association


Laying Brick